Sunburns, the most effective natural remedies for pain relief

Have you gone too far with your tan? Some tips to improve the situation

Summer brings with it a great desire for a tan, but that can have an annoying downside in what are sunburns .

Who hasn’t underestimated the strength of the Sun and found themselves in the evening with their shoulders and face completely burned?

In this article we will try to find out what are the remedies for sunburn , possibly natural, to find relief for our superficiality.

But first we will try to offer you some tips to prevent sunburn, with some simple measures that could improve the quality of your holiday.

Sunburns: how to prevent them?

It seems like the most obvious advice you can give, but to prevent sunburn there is no other way than to protect yourself from the sun. How to do it?

First of all, avoiding the sun in the hottest hours, roughly around lunchtime, where the sun is high in the sky and knows how to hit us like no other time.

Not only therefore the risk of sunstroke (and excessive sweating, for which the advice to drink a lot of water is worth ), but also that of getting burned, even coming close to forms of burns , depending on the strength of the sun and the resistance of our skin .

Since we doubt there are people who want to spend their holidays with some forms of burns, the advice is also to use sunscreen creams.

We understand that you want to leave your holiday tanned, but you can try to alternate, using the cream in the hottest hours and dedicating yourself to tanning once the most dangerous time has passed.

Also, don’t forget that tanning in itself does not protect against sunburn, so even if you are tanned you may find yourself having to deal with this annoying possibility.

Natural remedies

Let’s now pass to the world of sunburn and natural remedies , useful because some of them are easily used even on vacation, with a really easy finding of the necessary.

Of course, bringing a sunburn cream should be in our handbook to face a beach holiday, but just in case it is useful to know that there are other remedies.

Let’s start with what is among the easiest remedies, the use of potatoes directly in contact with our skin . Just take a potato, peel it, slice it (be careful not to overdo it with subtlety) and keep it on the seared area for a time that can vary between twenty and thirty minutes.

Why the potato? Because it has an anti-inflammatory effect , and can therefore help our skin to better deal with the moment of sunburn, reducing pain and favoring a faster deflation of the skin. Due to the ease with which it can be used, it is a natural remedy that must really be tried in situations of this kind!

Chamomile and Calendula: with soothing and disinfectant action

For sunburn, other remedies include the presence of compresses, obtained by mixing various elements. Among these, the presence of cold compresses with chamomile and calendula stands out , two elements that have different and very useful capacities.

Chamomile is in fact a good disinfectant, while calendula is one of the main natural elements used for the treatment of burns.

Milk, water and ice pack: absolute hydration

Another pack, among the best, is the one where milk, water and ice are mixed . What effects does this type of pack have? The milk, first of all, rehydrates the skin, trying to reduce our peeling after the burn. Water and ice, on the other hand, bring a cooling effect, ideal for the pain caused by sunburn.

Finally, let’s talk about aloe vera, with which really effective compounds can be obtained, but which certainly require a slower preparation than the compresses we talked about a little while ago.

Aloe vera: the most used of the methods for sunburn

Aloe is among the elements most used in this type of situation, because it is both disinfectant and moisturizer, bringing with it two truly ideal effects in a situation of this type. Aloe-based creams can be easily found in pharmacies or herbalists, but they can also be made at home (for this reason we wanted to talk about them as a natural and emergency remedy).

How to prepare such a cream? Aloe vera is obtained, which we can also find in herbal medicine, and it is mixed with vegetable oil. Nothing more, nothing less. What we have obtained will also be kept in the refrigerator, to be applied in the days following the scalding.


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