Dieta Mima Digiuno del Dr. Longo, cos’è e lo schema da seguire

A dietary regimen useful not only to lose weight, but to activate the cell regeneration process

In times of quarantine and lockdown it is normal to have gained a few extra pounds. Everything stopped, gyms closed, and the refrigerator always full. Let’s go and discover the  Fasting Mimicking diet , conceived and promoted by  Dr.

Longo  in collaboration with the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging.

It is an all-vegetable dietary protocol that has the advantage of being easy and, above all, very effective.

The main purpose of this diet is to keep the body in a fasting condition, while eating and thus providing the fundamental nutrients.

The Fasting Mimicking diet was born after years of studies able to find the right balance between what are called macro-nutrients such as proteins, fats, sugars, fibers and micro-nutrients made up of vitamins and minerals.

Its duration is short: 5 days!
And the calories absorbed range from 1150 on the first day to 800 for the following days.

As the creators say, the Mima Fasting diet aims to trick the metabolism. This, finding itself in a state of caloric restriction, behaves as if it were fasting, causing not only weight loss but also cell renewal.

Therefore, not only weight loss and abdominal fat reduction, the Fasting Mimicking diet also has the advantage of purifying the body and giving it back energy and tone.

In addition to activating that cell renewal that produces positive anti-aging effects.

Professor Longo’s work has been published in prestigious scientific journals such as Cell, Nature, Science, Journal of Translational Medicine, CNN, FOX, BBC, New York Time, Washington Post.

The pattern of the Fasting Mimicking Diet for 5 days

An idea of ​​a fasting mimicking diet, to be carefully calibrated on the basis of individual parameters, could be this:

On the first day, about 1000 kcal are eaten divided between 34% carbohydrates, 56% fat and 10% protein.

In the following 4 days it drops to 750-800 kcal, divided between 47% carbohydrates, 44% fat and 9% protein.

A super simplified example of the regimen to be maintained during the 4 days of Fasting Mimicking Diet at 750 kcal could be: 400 g of zucchini, 300 g of red cap, 300 g of carrot, 250 g of onion, 20g of extra virgin olive oil and 20 g of walnuts.


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