Le Coq Sportif rethinks the classics with the new and original “Sport Collection” textile line

Le Coq Sportif rethinks the classics of the male and female wardrobe with the new and original textile line “Sport Collection”, inspired by the French brand’s sports archives. Heir to the Le Coq Sportif collections, this line refers to the clothes historically worn by sportsmen. Contemporary reinterpretation, these simple and elegant pieces embody the know-how of the brand.

The line is characterized by three combined colors, the emblematic tricolor, the XXL logo, the tone-on-tone flocked back with velvet effect and the contrast of plain navy blue inserts. The collar and sleeves play on sobriety. On the male side, the range consists of two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a sweatshirt with zip, pants and socks. For women, the collection consists of a sweater, a t-shirt, socks and a dress. The products combine worked cuts, technical and comfortable materials, as well as refined finishes for a modern and sporty look. The collection was designed in Romilly-sur-Seine, while the fabrics were knitted in the Aube Tricotage and dyed in France Teinture in Troyes. This package is now available on the Le Coq Sportif website and in partner stores.


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