Steffy è furiosa con il fratello Thomas

The American previews of Beautiful reveal to us that, while Thomas is still struggling on our television screens after the bad fall from the cliff , in the episodes scheduled overseas he has already fully recovered, even if there are many issues that keep him anxious. His fall ended up cracking the relationship between Ridge and Brooke again , who in the eyes of Forrester Sr. is the main culprit in Thomas’ accident.

Beautiful, American advances: Thomas’s faults

Steffy is furious with her brother and does not hesitate to accuse him of being ill and needing psychiatric treatment. The young woman can’t forgive her brother for having staged and kept alive that affair that caused so much pain to her, to Liam and to Hope: Phoebe was actually little Beth and Thomas knew it . This places him on a par with Dr. Reese and Flo Fulton, who masterminded the deception and who are now behind bars. According to Steffy, the doors of the asylum should open for Thomas.

If Steffy declares herself convinced that she wants to go on without her brother, guilty of having betrayed her, Ridge does not seem of the same opinion. We have already seen that the father Forrester did not hesitate to defend Thomas from the heavy accusations made by Bill for the murder of Emma and surely he will not agree with Steffy who wants to see him locked up in an asylum.

Spoiler Beautiful: Thomas has a mannequin with Hope features

The new events that will animate the future episodes of the soap will surely lead to believe that Steffy is right about the psychic conditions of his brother. Particularly when it turns out that he keeps a mannequin with Hope’s features at home .

We still don’t know how that life-size doll got there, but this will certainly suggest that Thomas’s obsessive attitudes really need treatment. As if this were not enough, this episode will also risk to crack again the relationship between Brooke and Ridge , after the two had reconciled and had revoked their divorce. Ridge, as he has done in the past, could try to do the impossible to defend his son and this could again lead to misunderstandings with Brooke who instead observes Thomas with more objective eyes.

To find out more, we should wait a few more days. In the meantime, you can follow the afternoon appointment at 1.40 pm on Canale 5 and watch the streaming replicas of the episodes you liked the most at this link .

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