Said Done, Jonathan embarrasses Bianca Guaccero who goes away, freezing in the studio

It ‘started ” Having said that ” the Rai 2 program conducted for several years by Catherine Bailiff and two years since the White Guaccero .

Bianca Guaccero has given ample proof of being a great professional, a complete artist, who knows how to act, sing and present very well. She holds the scene with great ease and is so unleashed and sunny that viewers are immediately attached to her.

Bianca Guaccero is also the mother of a little girl and, according to her statements, she has been single for a long time.

Jonathan embarrasses Bianca Guaccero who has a very funny reaction

These are the first episodes of ” Detto fatto ” after the suspension for covid and the summer break and Bianca Guaccero, who like everyone has suffered from the pandemic and the consequent forced stops , is back more fierce and charged than ever.

Alongside her for the ‘ Jon SuperClassification ‘ column , there is also this year Jonathan Kashahian who, in addition to being a very good co-driver, is also very much in tune with Bianca Guaccero and the two support each other and are crackling together.

They know how to make fun of each other and have a lot of fun.

Jonathan spoke, during his column, of Giancarlo Magalli and also showed photographs of when the host of “I fatti tua “, a very successful Rai 2 broadcast , was very young and Guaccero said: “I have no words ! Congratulations Giancarlo especially for the oil “.

At that point, Jonathan amazed by this unexpected statement that left him surprised and amused, commented: “But why are you doing this ? Does Magalli poke you ? Is that your gender? ”

And then, again: ” Ask yourself why you’re single if you like guys like Magalli, who sell like hot cakes “.

At that point, Guaccero , very embarrassed but also very amused, left the studio for a few seconds and then, returning, said: “This is the first episode, let’s try to make it until May “.

And then he concluded: “I can already imagine the titles of tomorrow”.

Said and done it is a program that pleases and amuses

The public appreciated Bianca Guaccero’s sympathy and contagious good humor because in this period, as never before, she needs to be distracted when watching TV and not only hear the tragic news, unfortunately, that have started to run again due to the covid. which, after the summer, has strongly returned to infect.

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